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Who are we.

I have been betting and making consistent profit on the greyhounds for close to 10 years now focusing solely on the West Australian tracks. With the introduction of the minimum bet law for West Australian greyhound tracks in November 2021, now has never been a better time to bet on the greyhounds. I see betting on the greyhounds as a profitable investment which can provide consistent returns much better than other investment avenues. 

Through my analysis of the days meeting via my own personalised database on the runners, based on time specific and video race replay data, I am able to find +EV (value) bets in the greyhound markets, which after I have had my wager still continue to exist in the markets. Therefore, with the introduction of this service I want to help others and show you that with the correct discipline in staking on well researched and price dependent selections, making consistent profit betting on the greyhounds is possible and can produce great long term returns.


Beating the Betfair starting price is a good guide to show if you have achieved an +EV bet, but it should not be the sole factor in determining if you have a value bet, as I believe the Betfair greyhounds market is not always the most accurate and there are certain factors which are over bet by the general public creating value in other aspects of the market. Through my results I hope to show how my selections are of value and will therefore produce healthy returns in the long run.

Please have a look at the FAQ  for more information regarding the service and insights on betting on the greyhounds and how it can be a profitable investment.

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