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If the below embedded google sheets document is hard to read on your device, please download the results spreadsheet


February 2022

Outlay: 20.65u

Return: 26.62u

Profit: +5.97u 

POT: 28.91%

March 2022

Outlay: 30.75u

Return: 50.87u 

Profit: +20.12u

POT: 65.43%

April 2022

Outlay: 24.05u

Return: 34.07u 

Profit: +10.02u

POT: 41.66%

May 2022

Outlay: 19.75u

Return: 20.31u 

Profit: +0.56u

POT: 2.84%

June 2022

Outlay: 25.95u

Return: 18.53u 

Profit: -7.42u

POT: -28.59%

July 2022

Outlay: 17.3u

Return: 19.66u 

Profit: +2.36u

POT: 13.64%

August 2022

Outlay: 18.15u

Return: 20.81u 

Profit: +2.66u

POT: 14.66%

September 2022

Outlay: 15.95u

Return: 17.89u 

Profit: +1.94u

POT: 12.16%

October 2022

Outlay: 10.50u

Return: 5.47u 

Profit: -5.03u

POT: -47.90%

November 2022

Outlay: 10.05u

Return: 11.78u 

Profit: +1.73u

POT: 17.21%

December 2022

Outlay: 13.8u

Return: 15.49u 

Profit: +1.69u

POT: 12.25%


The unit profit for 2022 is below par my usual yearly results. Since inception (Feb. 2022) my original staking method had been to conservative. Therefore, the staking plan has been updated in 2023 to more effectively utilise the 100 unit starting bank. More details on the updated staking plan can be found in the FAQ.

January 2023

Outlay: 24.6u

Return: 21.82u

Profit: -2.78u 

POT: -11.29%

February 2023

Outlay: 20.95u

Return: 18.0u 

Profit: -2.95u

POT: -14%

March 2023

Outlay: 19.5u

Return: 20.52u 

Profit: +1.02u

POT: 5.23%

April 2023

Outlay: 16.95u

Return: 19.57u 

Profit: +2.62u

POT: 15.46%

May 2023

Outlay: 15.25u

Return: 25.95u 

Profit: +10.70u

POT: 70.16%

June 2023

Outlay: 20.15u

Return: 25.16u 

Profit: +5.01u

POT: 24.86%

July 2023

Outlay: 18.85u

Return: 27.44u 

Profit: +8.59u

POT: 45.57%

August 2023

Outlay: 17.45u

Return: 17.94u 

Profit: +0.49u

POT: 2.8%

September 2023

Outlay: 11.10u

Return: 11.38u 

Profit: +0.28u

POT: 2.5%

October 2023

Outlay: 8.45u

Return: 2.24u 

Profit: -6.21u

POT: -73.5%

November 2023

Outlay: 14.45u

Return: 12.03u 

Profit: -2.42u

POT: -16.75%

December 2023

Outlay: 10.15u

Return: 10.45u 

Profit: +0.30u

POT: 2.3%


January 2024

Outlay: 10.1u

Return: 11.01u

Profit: +0.91u 

POT: 9.0%

February 2024

Outlay: 8.2u

Return: 8.67u

Profit: +0.47u 

POT: 5.73%

March 2024

1 Month Break

April 2024

Outlay: 12.35u

Return: 16.78u

Profit: +4.43u 

POT: 35.87%

May 2024

Outlay: 7.85u

Return: 11.08u

Profit: +3.23u 

POT: 41.15%

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