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  • How will the selections be sent out ?
    The selections will be sent out via email to your registered email address. The selections will be sent out in the following format Date Track Name Race Number # X - Selection Name Bet Type X Units at minimum price of $X.X Currently $X.X at the following bookmakers If you miss the price and the selection firms in I recommend you wait later closer to the jump, as the bookmakers market percentages comes down and the selection may drift out again. Also, pay close attention to the Betfair starting price (BSP) as this is also a viable betting option, as the Betfair prices move out closer to the jump, and as you can see from the results page backing the selections via BSP is profitable as well. The price I provide with my selection is the minimum price I recommend you stake it at. So if you miss the price and the selection no longer drifts out I recommend you don't bet at the reduced odds as the selection is no longer value.
  • How do I determine my unit size ?
    Establish a betting bank. In our Results section we display results starting with a $10,000 bank. Once you have a betting bank you are comfortable with, we turn that into a 100 unit bankroll which is Total betting bank / 100 = 1 unit (1 unit = 1% of your bank) So with a starting bank of $10,000. 1 unit = 1% of $10,000 = $100 Now that you have your unit size in dollars, you just multiply that with the unit size as sent in my email with the selections. So if it states stake 0.5 units that would be $50 1.5 units would be $150. etc As your bank grows or reduces then so should your unit size. We encourage adjusting your unit size for every 10% movement in your bank. Therefore, as your bank grows, the unit size increases, when the bankroll drops, the unit size decreases. Adjusting your unit size by such small amounts each time may not seem worth the effort, but over a large number of bets the power of compound growth kicks in and will have a big difference to your overall result.
  • How many days a week will selections been sent ?
    On average, selections will be sent out 3 - 4 days a week. There will be no strict minimum amount of days selections will be sent out, as I would prefer to only send out selections that I am strongly confident in that are +EV bets at the given odds. If there is nothing I like for the day no selections will be sent. The tipping schedule below shows the history of days in which tips have been sent out.
  • If you claim to be a consistent winning bettor why do you need to have a tipping service ?
    I have been a consistent winning bettor on the greyhounds for the past 10 years and yes in the past it has been difficult for me to get on with bet size restrictions and needing to have multiple accounts with various bookmakers. However, now with the introduction of the minimum bet law for West Australian greyhound markets, I am able to get set for my desired stakes over my various accounts, and I have found there is still meat on the bone to say, for others to bet as well. As I find there is still value in the market at the current odds, why not offer my selections which I deem to be profitable in the long run to other individuals and help them make money betting on the greyhounds and in the process teach them that with correct discipline and staking, betting on the greyhounds is an extremely profitable long term investment if done correctly.
  • What "Winning Expectations" can I expect from this service ?
    Before joining this service make sure you understand and are aware of winning expectations in being a profitable punter. Don't expect I have the magic 8 ball and every bet I send out will be a winner. I have had past members cancel their subscription after a couple days of non profitable tips and send me messages calling us a scam and "How can you even charge for these tips" and even as absurd as "I can win money more easily going to the casino." Or even after a couple of non-profitable months, messaging me asking what happened and if I have changed anything in my analysis. The fact is, not every bet is a winner and I know not every month will be profitable. But I still offer the "Positive Return Or Its Free Money Back Guarantee" every month to illustrate the legitimacy of this service. I trust my analysis and my results which are there for everyone to see and I know I will be profitable in the long term. Being profitable in this space of greyhounds betting is a long term investment. Yes, you have periods of downturn due to negative variance, and we don't hide any of those bad runs by displaying all our results. But in the long term, I know I have a proven edge over the market and you need to trust the process, and the profit will be there in the long term. I let my results speak for themselves. My "Win Strike Rate" on selections is usually in the 30-35% range and given the average odds on selections is in the $4 dollar range a healthy profit is made in the long term. (Win Strike Rate and Average odds is all shown at the top of the results spreadsheet.) Below are two great articles which goes in more detail about winning and losing cycles and winning expectations Here is great quote from "Daniel O'Sullivan" and one every potential punter wanting to join this service should ask themselves “Do I really want to be a punter (and join this service)?” In my opinion there’s no more challenging or satisfying intellectual and psychological pursuit. But answering “yes” to that question means accepting the nature of the game. You need to have persistence and determination to work through inevitable losing runs and the wisdom to put big winning runs in perspective. If you can do that, then any goal you set for yourself as a punter is achievable.
  • What Staking Plan do you use ?
    Start of 2023 the staking plan has been updated to more effectively utilise a 100 unit starting bank. For each bet I will aim to COLLECT on average 4% of the betting bank based on the market price available. So given a 100 unit betting bank this will be 4 units. When I believe the bet is of greater value I will increase this up to a maximum collect of 6% of the bank, and when less value down to a low of 2%. For example a greyhound at $2.5 in the market we would normally have 1.6 units on it. (4u / $2.5 = 1.6u)
  • Can I cancel my subscription at any time ?
    Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Your payment auto renewals every month up until you cancel your subscription. If you choose to cancel your subscription you will still continue to receive tips up until the date you have paid for. It is the customers responsibility to cancel their subscription if they choose no longer to be a member. You can do so by simply logging into your account on our website, then going to "My Subscriptions" and "Cancel Subscription".
  • How do you deal with losing streaks ?
    Please remember to gamble responsibly and bet within your limits. You need to ensure you bet with money you can afford to risk as although I am confident in my selections everyone will have losing periods over time. Variance is a factor in gambling and its how you manage this variance and losing periods which determines your success. The main thing is stick with the staking plan. You have set a bank which you manage. Just keep track of your bets and reduce your unit size if the bank decreases by 10%. Always keep your unit size at 1% of your bank. If your bank increases by 10%. Increase your unit size to reflect the new 1% of your bank. If your bank decreases by 10%. Decrease your unit size to reflect the new 1% of your bank. By keeping your unit size in proportion to your bank, it allows you to stay in the game, and ride out any periods of variance and losing streaks which may occur. I am confident in my selections and know that over time we will ride out these periods and from there recover these losses and grow our banks to new highs. Below are two great articles which explain in more detail about winning and losing cycles in betting and winning expectations.
  • Additional Lay Bets and Late Bets before the jump
    If there are late unexpected drifts in the market in which I believe a greyhound is now of value, or vice versa, dogs that I believe are to short and there is liquidity in the Betfair market to lay them at, I will send these out to members via email generally 5-10 min before the start of the race as that's usually when the money starts coming in on Betfair. I am aware there are quite a few interstate members and members who generally just like to bet early and not wait till the jump, especially since the W.A races can run pretty late. Therefore, these bets will not be officially recorded as part of the results, but I will track them on a separate sheet in the Results spreadsheet and members can choose to get on if they are still awake and following the races.
  • What time are the selections sent out and what are your usual bet types ?
    As the minimum bet law kicks in at 2pm normally, we will aim to send out tips between 2pm WST to 1 hour before the start of Race 1. Selections will either be Win, Place, Same Race Multi (SRM) or Lay bets. This could also include multiple Win bets on different runners in the same race. For selections that I believe will drift in the market and there is no value in taking the current early prices at bookmakers. I will advise members to back it at BSP. This will allow everyone to be able to get on and not have to wait for closer to the start of the race, as the W.A races can run very late. Thus I will be assuming all members also have a Betfair account and know how to place bets at BSP. Any issues just send me a message.
  • I have been scammed by other tipping services in the past. How can I trust that this service is legitimate ?
    I would say the vast majority of tipping services out there are scams, especially all the ones on twitter and Instagram, just posting their winning betting slips and showing no transparency and history of bets and results. So how are we different. Transparency. This service is 100% transparent with history of all bets and results shown on our website. Sample Size of Bets. I have been profitable betting on the W.A greyhounds for close to 10 years now, and have started this service in February 2022. You are able to see the history and results of all the bets since inception of this service, which is over 623 bets as of start of 2024. Positive Return Or Its Free Guarantee EVERY month. I trust my analysis and my results and therefore offer a money back guarantee on your subscription costs every month. There is not another tipping service out there that I am aware of that offers that sort of guarantee every month. That alone should be a strong sign telling you this service is legitimate.
  • Why do you bet only on W.A tracks ?
    Born and raised in Perth W.A I have frequently visited the Cannington and Mandurah tracks and as I took betting more seriously I have created a database on all runners in W.A, focusing not only time specific data but also the greyhounds running styles and intricacies noticed in replays or whilst on track. Understanding and processing all this data I am able to map the race and in turn identify value runners in the market. It all comes down to time as it can be a full days work going over a meeting thoroughly, analysing the data, assessing track variations, watching video replays, etc. I have honed my skills at the W.A meetings and it has proven to be successful over the many years hence why I continue to stick to the W.A tracks. If I had more time in the day, yes I would expand to other tracks as well, but for now the W.A tracks have been treating me well.
  • If I live outside of Australia am I still able to bet and be apart of the service ?
    Yes, anyone can invest on the selections provided given that your bookmaker (betting service provider) allows you to bet on the Australian greyhound markets. The tracks we bet in are Cannington, Mandurah and Northam based in Western Australia. Having a Betfair account will also allow you to get involved, as you can see from our results that betting the selections at the Betfair Starting Price (BSP) also provides great long term results.
  • How many tips can I expect to receive on a given day ?
    As I only bet on one meeting for the day either Cannington, Mandurah or Northam, I usually only provide 1 to 3 selections which I believe are of value (+EV) under my analysis.
  • Can you explain how you display your results ?
    Results will be updated daily in the results section of the website. The recorded odds in the results will be shown in 3 categories. Blue columns, Results from the best price offered by Australian wagering operators at the time the tips are sent out. Green column, Results from the Betfair starting price. (The BSP has been adjusted to take into account the 7% commission applied. W.A greyhounds commission has increased from 6% to 7% as of March 1st 2022.) Red column, Results from the 3rd best price offered by Australian wagering operators at the time the tips are sent out. The corresponding POT% and ROI% will also be displayed for each category so you can see the importance of getting the best price and how it effects your results. On the right hand side of the results page I also show the importance of compounding and how you should increase your unit size as your bank grows. In the spreadsheet I do a simple, 10% increase in unit size as the bank increases by 10%. (vice versa, you should decrease your unit size by 10% if the bank decreases in value by 10%) From these columns you can see the power of compound growth as you can compare your overall bank size when keeping your unit size fixed in comparison to increasing your unit size as your bank grows.
  • How does betting compare to other investment avenues ?
    Let's look at historical returns when you invest your money in other investment avenues such as Term Deposits, Stocks and Property. Assume you have $10,000 to invest. Term Deposit The best return for a term deposit in Australia over 1 year is currently at 1.95%. This means after 1 year your $10,000 becomes $10,195. A profit of $195. The term deposits 100% guarantees your return. Stocks Australian stocks have returned approximately 10% per year on average. This means, on average your $10,000 would become $11,000. A profit of $1,000. Property Australian property have returned approximately 10.5% per year on average. This means, on average your $10,000 would become $11,050. A profit of $1050. At Invest in the Chase, my goal is to at least double members starting bank within a year, thus making members greater then 100% return on their investment each year.
  • What is POT and ROI ?
    POT - Profit on turnover is the profit on how much we have turned over. ROI - Return on investment is return on bankroll. For example let's say you start the year by putting $500 into your betting account. During the year you make no further deposits or withdrawals. At the end of the year your total bets have been $30,000 and your account now has $3500 in it. Profit = $3500-$500 = $3000 POT = $3000/$30000 * 100 = 10% ROI = $3000/$500 * 100 = 600% For a more detailed analysis this website below explains it well.
  • Should I keep a history of my bets ?
    I recommend all members to keep a track of all there bets in a spreadsheet. I highly recommend using the following spreadsheet found on Also available in google sheets format as well
  • What is the minimum bet law ?
    The minimum bet law for West Australian Greyhounds kicked in from 19th of November 2021. For Western Australian Greyhound events, the following minimum bet level will be applicable for wagers made via account, after 9.00am WST on race-day for day meetings or after 2.00pm WST on race-day where the first race of the meeting is 4.00pm WST or later. (Therefore, generally it is after 2pm as most race meetings start in the evening) RACE TYPEBET TYPE Metropolitan Greyhound Races, In any one Win bet: to lose $750 Non-Metropolitan Greyhound Races. In any one Win bet: to lose $500
  • Can a winning bet be a bad bet ?
    Yes, a winning bet can be a bad bet and a losing bet can be a good bet. How you ask. Say you like a dog, opens at $4 with the bookies and you see it get backed into $2.2. You notice this market movement and also like the dog to win the race, so you then back it at $2.2. Before the jump as the bookmakers market percentages come down the odds move out to like $2.8 and it Betfair SP's at $3. The dog easily wins the race and you pocket the profit. In the long run backing selections in this manner will lead to overall loss. You backed the dog at unders, at $2.2 when its true value was at $3 (the Betfair SP). This is a bad bet in the long term and if you continue to bet in this manner you would be a losing punter. If you have noticed the value early when the dog was at $4 and backed it, this would have been a good bet, as you have achieved a +EV value bet, since its true odds was $3. Same can be said the other way around. If you notice a dog to be of value and it's at $2.5 with the bookies, you back it at $2.5 and before jump it gets smashed across the board and is around $1.8 with the bookies and Betfair SP's at $1.85. It then loses and gets pipped on the line. Even though you lost the bet, this was a good bet, as you have achieved an overs bet +EV and even though you lost the bet, if you continue to make these bets in the long term you will be a profitable bettor. This is something you need to look out for and is why I always compare my selections and the odds I have bet the selection at in comparison to the Betfair SP to ensure I am getting a value bet. Take note the Betfair SP price is Betfair's market close to 100% and if you take the Betfair SP price you need to take into account the commission also you need to pay from that bet. (From 1st March 2022 this is 7% for W.A greyhounds), so getting close to the Betfair SP or definitely over the SP price is a good guide, that you are making good and long term profitable bets. In the results section of the website I show the BSP and the BSP with commission applied and also the perceived edge when comparing it to the Betfair SP.
  • What is value (+EV or over) bets ?
    The odds in a greyhound race is just the probability assessed by the bookmaker of the dogs chances in winning the race. A greyhound at $3, is assessed by the bookmaker as a 1/3 (33%) chance of winning the race. Under my analysis if I assess the dog to be a 50% chance odds of $2, this is a value (+EV) bet and I will bet accordingly. In general the greater the expected value (EV) the larger unit size bet I will have. The Betfair starting price (BSP) gives a good representation of the winning chance of each dog in the race, as all punters have had their chance to bet with all factors taken into account. However, this should not be the sole factor in determining if you have a value bet, as I believe in certain situations there are aspects which are over bet by the general public creating value in other areas of the market. In general though if the odds you backed your selection is greater then the BSP, you have a value (+EV) bet and in the long term you have a winning selection method.
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