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August Service Update (01/09/22)

Overall for August we had an


Outlay: 18.15u
Return: 20.81u
Profit: +2.66u
POT: 14.66%


Northam Greyhound Track

Last Monday was the start of racing back at Northam after a couple of years of absence due to major redevelopments on the track. Northam greyhounds will be run every Monday now, and for the time being we will continue to only bet at Cannington and Mandurah, while I assess how the new Northam track runs and gather more data on the times. 



I had a few people message me comparing our units profit to other tipping services.

You can't really compare different tipping services by their unit profit alone, as each service has different levels of staking. For this service I take on a rather conservative staking approach and as you can see on the results page the average stake is 0.54 units and when I'm more confident it's 1.25 units. Average stakes of other services may differ greatly hence the difference in unit profit. 


The best way to compare services is by their profit on turnover (POT). As of right now this service sits at 22.94% POT at Best Odds and 20.58% POT at Betfair Starting Price.


If you are using other tipping services please take this into account, and if need be just increase your stake per unit to make things more comparable.


Thanks for your continued support and a great start to September so far with our big unit play winning tonight.



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