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2022 Summary and Service Update (04/01/23)

Solid first year of the service. 2022 Overall results (Since inception Feb 2022)









A bit below par my usual yearly results, especially after such a strong start to the year, but still at 16.72% POT it is still an extremely good result. I hope to improve this year and will be making a couple of changes to the service.


After closer analysis I believe my staking for the service has been too conservative in respect to a 100 unit betting bank, so I will be increasing the overall staking.

For each bet I will now aim to COLLECT on average 4% of the betting bank.

So given a 100 unit betting bank this will be 4 units.

When I believe the bet is of greater value I will increase this up to a maximum collect of 6% of the bank and when less value down to a low of 2%. 


For example a greyhound at $2.5 in the market we will now have 1.6 units on it. (4 / 2.5 = 1.6)

Previously a $2.5 priced dog I would only have 0.7 units on it on the old staking plan.


This updated staking will start from tomorrow 5th Jan 2023


Bets at BSP

As part of the service I will also be advising bets to be placed at Betfair Starting Price (BSP). This will be on greyhounds that I believe will drift in the market and there is no value in taking the current early prices at bookmakers. Therefore, to allow everyone to be able to get on and not have to wait for closer to the start of the race, backing it at BSP will be the fairest option for all members. (Thus I will be assuming all members have a betfair account and know how to place bets at BSP. Any issues just send me a message.)


Lay Bets and Late Bets before the jump.

If there are late unexpected drifts in the market in which I believe a greyhound is now of value, or vice versa, dogs that I believe are to short and there is liquidity in the betfair market to lay them at, I will send these out to members via email generally 5-10 min before the start of the race as that's usually when the money starts coming in on betfair. 


I am aware there are quite a few interstate members and members who generally just like to bet early and not wait till the jump, especially since the W.A races can run pretty late.

Therefore, these bets will not be officially recorded as part of the results, but I will track them on a seperate sheet in the Results spreadsheet and members can choose to get on if they are still awake and following the races.


Thanks for the continued support and looking forward to the 2023 season of racing.

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