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May Service Update (01/06/22)

Was a rough start to the month with some negative variance, with a losing sequence of 9 in a row. But this was nothing out of the ordinary in the overall scheme of things, just keep to the staking plan and with a few good wins towards the end of the month, we recovered these losses fairly quickly and overall managed to be in profit for the month.

Below are the monthly results from the first 4 months of the service.

I aim to achieve at least 100 units profit a year, and as I work off a 100 unit bankroll this will be at least doubling your starting bank for the year. Therefore, this equates to a monthly average of just over 8 units profit a month. Over the first 4 months we are currently on track sitting at an average of +9.16u a month.


My staking is quite conservative, so this figure can be greatly increased if you are a more high risk averse bettor. As you can see on my results spreadsheet on the website, my overall average stakes on bets are 0.51 units and for when my confidence is higher on the bet, the average is at 1.35 units a bet.


Overall the service currently sits at a POT of 38.52% with a ROI of 36.67%

A few things I wanted to point out. 

Always aim to get the best price possible.

I had a few members saying their stakes have been limited to a few dollars max win bet at certain bookies. Bookmakers will do everything they can to limit winning clients and if this is the case, just msg the bookmaker and tell them. "Please ensure my account complies with the minimum bet law set out for the W.A Greyhounds." If your account is verified and all in good order, they MUST allow you to bet to win at least $750 per win bet. (Note this only applies for win bets only)

Importance of compounding 
I hope most of you are tracking your bets in a spreadsheet. 
As mentioned in the FAQ on the website, the spreadsheet I recommend you use can be downloaded from here.


By tracking your bets you can accurately monitor how your bank grows and you should increase your unit size as your bank grows. I personally recommend a 10% increase in your unit size for every 10% increase in your bank and vice versa, a 10% decrease in unit size if your bank decreases by 10%.

Looking at the results spreadsheet in particular columns AF and AJ, you can see if I was to keep my unit size fixed at $100 I would be up $3667. Whereas if I increased my unit size 10% for every 10% growth in the bank I would be up $4062. By applying this small change it can make a huge difference in your overall results and this illustrates the power of compounding.

Thanks members for your continued support and looking forward to getting stuck into June.



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