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Mid July Service Update (20/07/23)

Looking to be another great month. July currently at +9.78u profit for the month and overall for 2023 the service is at 

18% POT @ Best Odds, 

16.01% POT @ BSP and 

13.6% @ 3rd Best Odds.


To continue to be profitable in this space of greyhounds betting and betting in general you always need to continually educate yourself and look at ways to improve.


I continually look for new edges in my greyhounds form analysis and also a more detailed analysis of my betting results.


There is a website called where if you import all your betting results in there it breaks it all down in terms of track, odds, bet type etc. Just so you can get a more clearer picture of your results in each category, which areas to focus on and which to avoid. 


I have imported all the results since inception of this service onto there

and below are the main tables it has generated.


Note what I term as POT they have it as ROI on the below tables. 










It's quite interesting to see in particular the breakdown in POT over the odds ranges and you can clearly see I am most profitable within the $3-$5 odds range in selections.


This site charges a yearly fee and I am currently just using it on a free trial. But it's good to check out if you want to take your betting more seriously and want a deeper analysis if you are betting in other sports or races etc. to ensure you are profitable in the long term at each track, bet type and odds ranges.


W.A Greyhounds Form

For those that also look at greyhounds form the go to site for WA greyhounds racing was definitely 

This site stopped working this month and has forced everyone to use their new site which isn't all that great.


However, I have come across an even better form website for those that are interested


The South Australia greyhound racing website also provides form for W.A races and has a great interface with easily accessible video replays of all runs.


Thanks for your continued support and let's keep the winners rolling.

Detailed Results
Detailed Results
Detailed Results
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