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Winning Expecations

A common misconception individuals have is understanding the winning expectations in being a profitable punter. My "Win Strike Rate" on selections is usually in the 30-35% range and given the average odds on selections is in the $4 dollar range a healthy profit is made in the long term. (Win Strike Rate and Average odds is all shown at the top of the results spreadsheet.)


Don't expect I have the magic 8 ball and every bet I send out will be a winner. I have had past members cancel their subscription after a couple days of non profitable tips and send me messages calling us a scam and "How can you even charge for these tips" and even as absurd as "I can win money more easily going to the casino." Or even after a couple of non-profitable months, messaging me asking what happened and if I have changed anything in my analysis.


The fact is, not every bet is a winner and I know not every month will be profitable. But I still offer the "Positive Return Or Its Free Money Back Guarantee" every month to illustrate the legitimacy of this service. I trust my analysis and my results which are there for everyone to see and I know I will be profitable in the long term.


Being profitable in this space of greyhounds betting is a long term investment. Yes, you have periods of downturn due to negative variance, and we don't hide any of those bad runs by displaying all our results. But in the long term, I know I have a proven edge over the market and you need to trust the process, and the profit will be there in the long term. I let my results speak for themselves.


Below are two great articles which goes in more detail about winning and losing cycles and winning expectations


Here is great quote from "Daniel O'Sullivan" and one every potential punter wanting to join this service should ask themselves.

“Do I really want to be a punter (and join this service)?”

In my opinion there’s no more challenging or satisfying intellectual and psychological pursuit. But answering “yes” to that question means accepting the nature of the game. You need to have persistence and determination to work through inevitable losing runs and the wisdom to put big winning runs in perspective. If you can do that, then any goal you set for yourself as a punter is achievable.

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